Need the best resources on the Internet for Salesforce?

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Do you want a Search Engine that focuses specifically on Salesforce? Go Here: GROUPS: LinkedIn Salesforce Community – Come Join!• All Things Salesforce (Q&A)Facebook Salesforce Groups – Join the Conversation!• Salesforce Developers Q&A• Salesforce Q&A• Salesforce Employment Q&A• Salesforce Certification Q&A• Salesforce Service Cloud Are you looking for Salesforce Experts?⏩ Mike Wheeler⏩ Ben McCarthy⏩ Shrey…

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What is Salesforce?

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Automation, SalesforceFor those learning more about Salesforce, it is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software. It enables companies to manage their customer data, sales process, and marketing campaigns. Salesforce has a number of features that make it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.One of Salesforce’s most popular features is its ability to…

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How to avoid 15-Digit ID woes in Salesforce Reporting

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15-Digit ID, 18-Digit ID, Data Loader, Data Upload, Formula Field, ReportingHave you ever received a report from a user that required a data load, yet the report had the 15-digit ID and not the 18?A great way to empower the user to continue to pull the report and get you the 18-digit ID is to…

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Study To Certify

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Study MaterialsStudy for your Admin Certification • Salesforce Certification Dayso Join a free, half-day webinar to help you prepare for your Salesforce Certification • Salesforce Academyo Trailhead Academy delivers in-person and virtual learning experiences around the world. Select your class below and join us on the path to developing your Salesforce skill set. • Salesforce…

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