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LinkedIn Salesforce Community – Come Join!
All Things Salesforce (Q&A)
Facebook Salesforce Groups – Join the Conversation!
Salesforce Developers Q&A
Salesforce Q&A
Salesforce Employment Q&A
Salesforce Certification Q&A
Salesforce Service Cloud

Youtube Channels:
✅ Salesforce

✅ Salesforce Hulk

✅ Salesforce Exclusive

✅ Salesforce Apex Hours

✅ Salesforce Support ( Who Sees What )

✅ Salesforce For Everyone

✅ Sanjay Gupta Tech School

 Salesforce Emily

✅ Salesforce Admins

✅ Edureka

Projects and Ideas
UnofficialSF – Guides, Installable Actions, and Components for Salesforce’s Automation Products
SuperBadge Prep – Prepare for the Suberbadges included in the Admin Basic Trailmix.
Transition your Career
Construction to Salesforce: Career transition story
LinkedIn Resources
Maximize your LinkedIn for Salesforce Professionals